Have Faith in your Art

Date June 8, 2010

I am the editor for The Music Matters Project, a not for profit music photography benefit project out of Arizona in conjunction with Sweet Relief a benefit for terminally ill recording artists out of California. Today I wrote a post on art, what it means, and why we, as artists, need to have faith in […]

Blogging helps encourage teen writing

Date January 3, 2010

Survey reveals that student bloggers are more prolific and appreciate the value of writing more than their peers After blogging last quarter for the independent reading project, some people wondered why we bother having kids blog. I enjoyed this article from last year. Check it out.

Does texting make our kids dumb?

Date August 31, 2009

The fear within our schools as we begin another year is that technology is making our students dumber, but a recent Wired article by Clive Thompson reports findings from Adrea Lunsford out of Stanford University’s Stanford Writing Center has done a massive study that suggests today’s 21st century college student has actually become stronger writers […]

Write Proposal Arguments

Date March 28, 2008

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How I feel most weekends

Date February 9, 2008