A Brave New World-Wide Web

Date June 8, 2009

Here at the ATLAST Project summer institute in Mesa, AZ. This is a project through the National Science Foundation and National Center for Teacher Education. Essentially this group is teaching teachers who teach future teachers how to teach with technology. (Did ya catch that?) Here’s the very cool introductory video they used today for making […]

We Think: The Power of Mass Creativity

Date April 3, 2008

Our 21st century world continues to grow with the collaborative thinking of Mass Innovation, rather than Mass Consumption. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

50+ ways to tell a Web 2.0 story

Date February 28, 2008

Earlier today I had a meeting at MCC about a multimodal English 101 course I am developing, and we’re building this course specifically in Web 2.0. This is a Freshman Composition course… not necessarily a writing course. It doesn’t say it’s a writing course, and even though we will write in the class, it’s more […]

Did you know?

Date February 13, 2008

Work showed this video in an in-service, and I am eager to really move forward with 21st century education, but how do we drag along all the conservative, old-school techophobes?