MEC2011 Keynote: Karen Cator Department of Ed on NETP

Date March 14, 2011

Karen Cator Direction, Office of Education Technology US Dept of Ed on Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Tech #mec2011 Cator was introduced by John Huppenthal, Arizona Superintendent of Public Schools. National Education Technology Plan introduced in fall through Drupal, and they said it was a “draft” because this is a working document that is […]

Socialnomics Rap (Power to the People)

Date April 30, 2010

For my students independent reading project this quarter, they had to make a video that showcased one of the books from a short reading list that included Socialnomics by Erik Qualman. This group wanted to turn their’s in two weeks early. Here it is.

PodCampAZ: The Unconference you’ve been waiting for.

Date November 10, 2009

Last year several of my tech geek friends kept talking about this PodCampAZ thing, and I said “well that’s not really for me since I don’t podcast that much” (Been trying to this year, but it’s a shot in the dark). I didn’t pay much attention, and I didn’t want to pay for another conference. […]

Harold Rheingold’s keynote at Maricopa Tech ’09

Date May 25, 2009

I originally posted this on May 19, 2008 here for the Maricopa Technology Conference. Getting ready for the Harold Rheingold, our morning Keynote. He’s thanking the teachers in his life, and said he is from AZ. He’s talking about his relationship with his 5th grade teacher. When he was asked to interview the principal he […]

Why bother?

Date March 19, 2009

So many people bug me and ask “Devon, why do you bother with all of this Web 2.0 stuff & Social Media?” and many times I can’t really tell them why. It’s like explaining why you should drive a Jeep if you don’t drive a Jeep. You just can’t. Well, today was the second event […]

Presentation: What is Web 2.0?: Innovate, Assess, Sustain: Writing Pedagogy and Web 2.0″

Date March 12, 2009

Presentation: What is Web 2.0?: Innovate, Assess, Sustain: Writing Pedagogy and Web 2.0″ Presenters: Tony Atkins, Alisa Cooper, Matt Davis, Kate Hagopian, Susan Cochran-Miller, Colleen Reilly, and Shelley Rodrigo. First workshop of the Conference for College Composition and Composition in San Francisco, CA is about applying technology applications and their use and connection within pedagogy. […]

Google Labeler

Date February 13, 2009

My colleague, Shelley, and I were presenting on Embracing Chaos this weekend at the regional Lang & Lit conference, and I came across the Google Image Labeler. Simply put, this is an online Google “game” that pits you against another googler in a labeling game. Images pop up and you label these images as quickly […]

What’s all this 2.0 about?

Date January 19, 2009

A lot of the time I am asked what it is that I do, what my website title “Teacher 2.0” means, and what the hell is Web 2.0? I can’t sit here and give you a complete answer to all of this, and just running a Google search on these terms will give you thousands […]

A Vision of Today’s Students

Date October 23, 2008

Michael Wesch spoke last year at MaricopaTech, and our visions of what “students” means mesh nicely. I, obviously, struggle on a smaller level what he struggles to accomplish on a grander level.

Google Calendar mini presentation

Date May 13, 2008

My presentation on Google Calendar for MaricopaTech 2008.