Socialnomics Rap (Power to the People)

Date April 30, 2010

For my students independent reading project this quarter, they had to make a video that showcased one of the books from a short reading list that included Socialnomics by Erik Qualman. This group wanted to turn their’s in two weeks early. Here it is.

Adding gmail contacts to a mailing group

Date July 20, 2008

Here’s a brief video on how to add gmail contacts to a mailing group. As we all know, Google Apps changes almost daily. As for now this way works! Add Contacts to a mailing group

Thank you, Mr. Adams

Date July 14, 2008

Thank you, Mr Adams from Devon Adams on Vimeo. My students “borrowed” my MacBookPro and made me an “End of the Year” video in May 2008. I found it today. 🙂

Zoho tabs demonstration

Date July 9, 2008

Zoho: Sharing Notebooks, not Pages

Date July 8, 2008

This short video shows you how to add Zoho pages directly in Zoho notebook. It also explains how once a Notebook is shared, the owner does not need to share each page individually. Click here to see the full size version of this video.

Summer Reading Assignment Directions

Date June 19, 2008 tutorial

Date February 16, 2008

This rocks. This woman did the work for me, and she did it almost a year ago. Where’ve you been all my life? Liz B Davis made this tutorial, and I require most of my classes to use this site. I would say less than half the students stick with it, but it’s definitely […]


Date February 16, 2008

Ever since I’ve hit this whole teaching online thing so hard, I always searched for an easy to use ScreenCast program where I could do simple, yet clear video tutorials that I could post quickly. I thought maybe I could do this through QuickTime Pro, but that program’s been useful elsewhere, and then I tried […]