Boyce Thompson Arboretum photowalk

Date July 12, 2010

When you tweet about photography you tend to gravitate towards other local photos and them to you. This is how I came to know Tom Boggan a local former East Valley Tribune photographer who is now a professional freelancer. Prior to Easter I’d heard about this photowalk where Tom answered questions and shared whatever information […]

At 2:00am, YouTube is your Friend

Date October 19, 2009

Many of my colleagues who have dismissed YouTube as a dumping ground for “look at what funny stuff my dog can do” have missed out on a fabulous resource. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amusing videos featuring different animals doing lots of unlikely things; however, there also are tons of “how-to” videos. You […]

Adding gmail contacts to a mailing group

Date July 20, 2008

Here’s a brief video on how to add gmail contacts to a mailing group. As we all know, Google Apps changes almost daily. As for now this way works! Add Contacts to a mailing group

Gmail mini presentation

Date May 13, 2008

My mini presentation on Gmail for MaricopaTech 2008.

Lizbdavis: The greatest hits

Date April 12, 2008

Lizbdavis has made a post of her greatest hits screen casts! I am totally stoked. I found Liz online a couple months ago now when searching for a tutorial because I was too lazy to make my own. hahahaha. She’s like me, but female and on the other side of the country. Anyway, check […] tutorial

Date February 16, 2008

This rocks. This woman did the work for me, and she did it almost a year ago. Where’ve you been all my life? Liz B Davis made this tutorial, and I require most of my classes to use this site. I would say less than half the students stick with it, but it’s definitely […]


Date February 16, 2008

Ever since I’ve hit this whole teaching online thing so hard, I always searched for an easy to use ScreenCast program where I could do simple, yet clear video tutorials that I could post quickly. I thought maybe I could do this through QuickTime Pro, but that program’s been useful elsewhere, and then I tried […]