Podcast #2: Summer Reading Assignment

Date August 5, 2009

After testing different ways to feed the podcast onto iTunes, I found something that works. You can search for the podcast directly from iTunes (search for my name) or to listen/download Podcast #2 directly, click below. http://dcamd.com/podcasts/APLang_Podcast2_090805.mp3

Google Groups & Summer

Date August 17, 2008

It’s been awhile, but last week was busy for all of us. The students became very stressed because all of the summer work was due. Some of this became escalated if they didn’t bother reading until this week. On top of that is that one of the assignments was a group project, and the students […]

Confused kids

Date August 7, 2008

The projects surround the summer reading are beginning to come due, and as that happens I get more worried, frantic questions. Some I’ve answered 200 times already and some are better asked. Some students are confused between the two books, and sometimes I become confused too. The nonfiction is tied to the analysis, while the […]

Summer Reading Assignment Directions

Date June 19, 2008

Here come the Googlers!

Date April 21, 2008

We’ve begun going to talk to the current Sophomore Honors students about AP English & American Studies. Mostly the course curriculum they disregard until we get going because there’s just too much, and typically they can’t wrap their minds are AP vs American Studies vs AP Exams vs Dual Enrollment. I get a lot of […]