Math phobe

Date December 2, 2011

Sitting here helping Claire do her homework reminds me of evenings at my parent’s huge dining room table doing math homework. OH – MY – GOD, I HATED IT. Still do (sorry, math friends). I would do everything except the math. I would make noises, pick at my skin. kick my feet, try to make […]

Communication is a yearlong requirement

Date May 21, 2010

There are two weeks of high school class left and it’s always a stressful time of the year. Teachers are trying to wrap things up, AP teachers are (often) looking for rigorous ways to teach after the test, admin is trying to keep order and prep for graduation, and then there’s the parents and students. […]

What’s all this 2.0 about?

Date January 19, 2009

A lot of the time I am asked what it is that I do, what my website title “Teacher 2.0” means, and what the hell is Web 2.0? I can’t sit here and give you a complete answer to all of this, and just running a Google search on these terms will give you thousands […]

Lost Boys 2 & War Games 2

Date April 26, 2008

I’m sitting here in the lobby of Day’s Inn since the wireless on the fourth floor is horrendously slow. Across from me Goonies is playing on the TV, and I am rather stoked reliving my earlier years. This movie is a classic like John Hughes’s films. It reminds me of when HBO was new, and […]

Growing up Online

Date February 8, 2008

Recently one of my administrators told me to check out the PBS special called “Growing Up Online”. After spending about an hour streaming this off my MacBookPro, I wrote this post on my personal blog.