Does texting make our kids dumb?

Date August 31, 2009

The fear within our schools as we begin another year is that technology is making our students dumber, but a recent Wired article by Clive Thompson reports findings from Adrea Lunsford out of Stanford University’s Stanford Writing Center has done a massive study that suggests today’s 21st century college student has actually become stronger writers […]

Colbert does Shakespeare

Date October 14, 2008

Political standings aside, here’s a great comparison of Obama and McCain from Stephen Colbert using Greenblatt’s Will in the World, which is a very accessible nonfiction novel about Shakespeare. Colbert and his counterpart Jon Stewart are master rhetoricians. What can you find in this short video?

50+ ways to tell a Web 2.0 story

Date February 28, 2008

Earlier today I had a meeting at MCC about a multimodal English 101 course I am developing, and we’re building this course specifically in Web 2.0. This is a Freshman Composition course… not necessarily a writing course. It doesn’t say it’s a writing course, and even though we will write in the class, it’s more […]

iPhone for school

Date February 12, 2008

We always make the kids put away phones, ipods, etc… but should we? Today in school the kids were studying for the rhetorical schemes quiz, and most had printed pages from Google docs where we had the definitions saved, and some had nothing, but this one kid was sitting in the back of the room […]