So Mr. Adams, what kinda music do you like?

Date March 1, 2009

In Feb 2009 I wrote a post answer the question in the title above. For some reason, I posted it to my personal blog. Ooops. Here’s the link.

Growing up Online

Date February 8, 2008

Recently one of my administrators told me to check out the PBS special called “Growing Up Online”. After spending about an hour streaming this off my MacBookPro, I wrote this post on my personal blog.

Welcome to my new world

Date January 31, 2008

Ok, I’ve been here on cyberspace since 1992 when my father gave me an old 8086 from his office, and I thought I was so cool. I sat in the basement of my parent’s house with my little modem and prayed that no one picked up the phone. The blasts of cold air from the […]