NHS goes Social (Media that is!)

Date November 9, 2008

There was only one session at this conference that seemed to have anything to do with technology. It was positioned as the last session after 9PM on the last evening of the conference, and I was late. Walking in quietly, I glanced up at the presenter’s slide. She had a FaceBook page for her NHS […]

United Blood Services

Date August 19, 2008

A couple of years ago I got an email at work from someone named Sharon from United Blood Services. They needed a new sponsor at my high school to organize blood drives. What was I getting myself into? I agreed immediately that the National Honor Society would sponsor this. Heck, it’s blood. It’s important. We […]

Here come the Googlers!

Date April 21, 2008

We’ve begun going to talk to the current Sophomore Honors students about AP English & American Studies. Mostly the course curriculum they disregard until we get going because there’s just too much, and typically they can’t wrap their minds are AP vs American Studies vs AP Exams vs Dual Enrollment. I get a lot of […]

NHS Induction Speech

Date April 15, 2008

Last year during the National Honor Society induction, I was to give the welcome and didn’t know what to say. My wife had bought me this fun tie with these turtles on it. I formulated this speech in my head as I drove there about turtles and our children being like turtles. It became an […]

NHS students don’t care?

Date April 4, 2008

Ok, this is probably more of a complaint that anything today. And perhaps one person will read it and care. As NHS advisor it’s my responsibility to confirm good standing for graduation, and today we began the process of telling people that they’re not in good standing. They had to have 30 hours completed by […]