NCTE: Orlando

Date November 19, 2010

So here I am at my 4th NCTE. Been a member since 1999 (think Nashville), but didn’t begin really attending until San Antonio when we really began to try to wrap our brains around 21st Century learning and Student 2.0. Then it was my colleague Ian and me, sharing a room, meeting some awesome people, […]

Science Fiction and Gaming in the High School Classroom

Date December 31, 2008

In Novemember at NCTE I headed into a session where PJ Haarsma, the author of The Softwire series, was presenting on Science Fiction and Gaming in the High School Classroom. I was hoping to have PJ sign his up and coming book The Softwire: Wormhole Pirates on Orbis 3. When I walked in, Jim Blasingame, […]

NCTE 2008: Marc Prensky keynote

Date November 22, 2008

The most exciting presenter I saw in the program is Marc Prensky, who has been writing and speaking on “Digital Natives” now for a few years. Some of my colleagues think he’s old hat, and I wondered what his topic would be today. He mentioned his most recent book called Don’t Bother Me Mom, I’m […]

Dale Allender: Key Note comments

Date October 10, 2008

In terms of 21st century literacies, in the next ten years we will see Increased Global Interaction, hyper localism, extreme diversity and increased out of school learning. In terms of diversity, it’s not just race anymore. It’s play out in age, gender, and even extreme religious views on education. Dale Allender’s, the director of NCTE-West, […]