Apple Mob

Date October 23, 2011

I’ve worked with ImprovAZ in the past & had an opportunity to photography a “secret prank” today as 30+ individuals wore a blue t-shirt with what looks like an apple logo and heart mashed together. Originally we wondered if the flash mob would out number the employees/customers in the store but today it was packed! […]

Shiny Macbook Pros or Mall Cops

Date December 29, 2009

Recently my MacBook Pro has gone through a few trials and tribes including a fall from my new Timbuk2 Swig. See the Swig has a side swing out pocket and a top flap. So if I put it in top and forget the side’s open then it falls out. I have a nice heavy duty […]

I’ve Been Tagged!!

Date March 5, 2008

Tonight I was sitting with my daughter and wife and across came the 400+ Twitter text of the day. This one was from @soul4real, and I’d been tagged. I wasn’t sure what it wanted me to do, and I was use to the list of four things this or that, but this one wanted me […]

MacBook Air gets a Steve sleeve

Date February 13, 2008

This rocks my world. My favorite messenger bag made a computer case for one of the coolest computers in the world, the MacBook Air.