Sync Contacts: Gmail, Blackberry & OSX

Date July 15, 2009

Recently I’ve noticed that my gmail had about 4,000 contacts listed and some of my students or family members were listed 4 or 5 different times (with the same name even). Since I have a Blackberry, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro, and Gmail, Gmail wasn’t necessary my contact list of choice albeit this list was out […]

It don’t feel like Christmas anymore…

Date August 22, 2008

I use to love to check my email. It was that feeling of sitting down at the table, flipping open my computer and logging into email. I would sometimes forget in the evenings or weekends to check work email, so then I would have even more to read and respond to. Then I got a […]

Sprint BlackBerry Curve

Date July 18, 2008

Got a new phone this week, and I’ve had some ups and downs with it that I will chronicle here. I’ve been truly trying to find the perfect smartphone for me, and I’ve come close in the last year or so. For example, I had a Sprint 8700 that I thought was pretty cool, since […]

Claremont U FLC Institute – Day One

Date June 19, 2008

About a month ago I got an email asking me if I was interested in heading to Claremont University outside of Ontario, CA for a conference on facilitating learning communities in higher education. I didn’t know where that university was, but the email said it was all expenses paid. I liked that. It also fell […]