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Citing ebooks in MLA & APA

Date March 15, 2011

Many of today’s high school students are moving toward reading their books on “e-readers” or mobile devices (like their phones and itouches). There are many advantages (and still some disadvantages). While people are stratified on the notion of mobile devices in high school classrooms, for those of us who permit them to read on them […]

Blogging helps encourage teen writing

Date January 3, 2010

Survey reveals that student bloggers are more prolific and appreciate the value of writing more than their peers After blogging last quarter for the independent reading project, some people wondered why we bother having kids blog. I enjoyed this article from last year. Check it out.

NaBloPoMo.com 2008

Date November 2, 2008

I use to write a novel each November for nanowrimo.org and that last three years until my daughter could walk/run/talk. Now I need a new outlet, and tonight I found NaBloPoMo.com. So my goal is to post one (or more) blog posts each day for this whole month. Here is #1. I don’t care that […]

Grammar Girl’s book is coming!

Date July 7, 2008

Grammar Girl is Mignon Fogarty who has taken her award winning podcast and created a book! Her no nonsense look at grammar is refreshing (although I still believe we should all own a copy of Strunk and White’s Elements of Style, which I thought was about how to wear cardigan’s when my grandfather bought me […]

Write Proposal Arguments

Date March 28, 2008

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Did you get my email?

Date March 9, 2008

Write before break a student asked me “Did you get my email?” I suddenly just wanted to laugh. I receive more than 50 emails a day, and that does NOT include any of my listservs. So perhaps instead of asking such an absurdly vague question, he could’ve said anything else. I was doubled over with […]

Time is limited

Date February 15, 2008

Today the students had to write an AP Prompt, and Mrs Crabtree said that her only real requirement was that it was argumentative. Some of the students are weaker when it comes to choosing a side of a written argument and sticking to it, so I agreed. I found a nice one by Postman where […]

Multimodal English 101

Date February 11, 2008

The other evening I participated in a monthly Cyber Salon, which is a group of like minded technophiles who teach in secondary schools and higher education. This meeting held up north included Alan, Shelley, Biray, Alisa and me. I walked into this swanky sports grill after 5pm on a Friday to find these four with […]

How I feel most weekends

Date February 9, 2008