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Why Web 2.0 in education

Date November 2, 2008

PodCampAZ: Panel Discussion

Date November 2, 2008

podcampaz panel, originally uploaded by nooccar. For some reason my connection keeps dropping, hence the reason I am not Covering It Live. Sorry. Looks like this is gonna be a panel session with iJustine, Iboughtamac (Brent), Clintus & Chris Pirillo. They just opened up questions. A 13 yr old is here, and he’s asking questions. […]

PodCampAZ: Austin Baker’s Social Media session

Date November 2, 2008

IMG_4767, originally uploaded by nooccar. In Austin Baker’s session about how Social Media can change our lives. He, like me, has a “real job” cause we have kids and need to support them. He’s talking about how he’s used Social Media and the opportunities that have befell him. Kind of an interesting story. My daughter […]

PodCampAZ: iJustine.tv session

Date November 2, 2008

IMG_4758, originally uploaded by nooccar. Yesterday my friends all went to an “unconference” called PodCampAZ, but I really didn’t know what this was all about. I’m an idiot. So here I am today. First session iJustine.tv. Very cool, but where was the mic? At first we couldn’t hear her, but then it got better (I […]

A Vision of Today’s Students

Date October 23, 2008

Michael Wesch spoke last year at MaricopaTech, and our visions of what “students” means mesh nicely. I, obviously, struggle on a smaller level what he struggles to accomplish on a grander level.