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Mobile devices in high school doesn’t always mean txting peeps

Date March 19, 2010

At the beginning of the school year I took the section on mobile devices in my classroom and made a significant change. Originally it began with the change from “Cell phones, mp3 players, and other electronic devices are not allowed in the classroom to removing the word “not”. I told them to take out these […]

Chris Crutcher, banned book author, kicks off banned book week at MCC.

Date September 29, 2009

(c)2009 Devon Christoper Adams Tonight I was subbing at MCC for a colleague and conveniently immediately beforehand, Chris Crutcher, author of several young adult novels, was speaking here in the library to kick off banned book week. He opened with a story about two penguins attempting to nurture a rock that was egg sized. The […]

PJ Haarsma Inspires Imagination in Arizona

Date July 31, 2009

Recently Kids Need to Read blogged an article on the wiki-wire work we did through the high school with the students building the lexicon for The Softwire Series by PJ Haarsma. PJ works closely with Denise & Sherri with Jim Blasingame, but I’m excited from the line that reads “this is what great teaching is […]

Wikiwire: The Softwire’s official lexicon revealed

Date May 29, 2009

Last year my friend Kerri Mathew contacted me regarding finding a way to hook up a science fiction writer, PJ Haarsma, with students eager to read his book, play his online game, and connect in new ways with young adult sci-fi. Having just come off a year project with Kerri working with wikis and fanfiction, […]

Kid keeping a lending library of banned books in her locker

Date May 24, 2009

Found this interesting article today on how high school students are borrowing out banned books from their lockers.

This IS Student 2.0

Date February 27, 2009

Jodi Picoult Book Signing

Date December 9, 2008

In spring of 2006 while I was at a conference in Baltimore, MD my colleague wanted to go out to dinner with her daughter who’d been living in the area at the time. She invited us to go along, and the conversation was amicable. Eventually it circled around to our reason for being there (Education […]

Wikipedia isn’t really that evil, I think

Date April 3, 2008

After school today we had a meeting about summer reading. In our district, we cannot really call it “Summer Reading” so we make it due 2-3 weeks into the school year. This really isn’t feasible anymore given all of the higher ed institutions who require summer reading for incoming freshman. Ladies & Gentlemen, get with […]

Beah’s credibility a long way gone, or is it?

Date March 7, 2008

The AP English course is completing an Independent Reading Project for quarter 4 based on a select number of non-fiction titles, on of which is Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone. The other day a former student sent me an article from an Australian newspaper entitled “Beah’s credibility a long way gone” about the anachronistic […]

I’ve Been Tagged!!

Date March 5, 2008

Tonight I was sitting with my daughter and wife and across came the 400+ Twitter text of the day. This one was from @soul4real, and I’d been tagged. I wasn’t sure what it wanted me to do, and I was use to the list of four things this or that, but this one wanted me […]