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Viva la Revolucion es Educacion

Date January 23, 2011

Join the Secret Revolution View more webinars from Alan Levine.

Socialnomics Rap (Power to the People)

Date April 30, 2010

For my students independent reading project this quarter, they had to make a video that showcased one of the books from a short reading list that included Socialnomics by Erik Qualman. This group wanted to turn their’s in two weeks early. Here it is.

Socialnomics and social media in education

Date January 14, 2010

Consider the information in the video above. What is the purpose behind the video? If we define the video in terms of the rhetorical situation, there’s certain analysis that is evident albeit if I then explain to you that it’s an advertisement for a paper book, how does that change your consideration for the above […]

How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live: A Response

Date June 7, 2009

Common Craft Twitter Video. Watch this for a great Twitter overview. Hi, My name is Devon and I have a problem… No seriously though, I’ve been on Twitter for almost two years now, and yes, when I explain it to others, they look at me like I need a padded room and some Cialis. In […]

Twitter Map On Yahoo Pipes

Date January 6, 2009

My friend Alan Levine posted on Yahoo Pipes and a clever little bit of code that gives you a map of your Twitter followers. The code requires plain text Twitter password entry, so neither Alan nor I posted the actual map, but here’s a screen shot of mine!

Facebook profiles as literary genre

Date November 22, 2008

In a session about the public profile as a literary genre. The presenter is talking about Facebook, and she mentioned it’s origins. I guess her son went to the Ivy league, so she truly knows where this all began. There are about 75-100 people in here, and I am concerned about the “random” public profiles […]

Students Generating online communities

Date November 22, 2008

Students Generating online communities: How they teach us & how that shapes pedagogy by js Miller. (Check out her LBST 499 @ english.iup.edu/sjmiller) Miller began by having us examine the spaces in which we inhabit. The room we were sitting in was very neutral and drab. Moving into her discussion, she began discussing how she […]