I teach high school Language & Composition, dual enrollment English 101, American Literature, and English 101 & 102 both online and through hybrid education in Mesa, AZ and Chandler, AZ. Years ago I created this site as a place where my students could get homework updates, calendars, etc… I kept up with it while teaching in my current positions until the beginning of this year. Last spring I moved much of my educational technology dealings to Google Apps, but this site has always been in the back of mind. I could not just abandon it (I spent too much money on the business cards!), and I realized that the kids are living in a Web 2.0 world around blogs and online course management spaces, like Sakai. So I decided I would make this much more interactive. I also wasn’t sure how I wanted to proceed, but I knew I had a WordPress plug in through my current host.

I began playing with WordPress before Christmas 2007, and when I returned to the Spring semester of teaching I began talking with two of my colleagues who had multiple WordPress sites. They encouraged me in this venue, and it’s always great to have people who know what the heck they are doing.

So the new site has emerged. I see it as a TechEd site where I can talk about anything and everything related to English, Composition, Culture, Technology, Curriculum and Pedagogy. You may read a post and wonder how that fits, but in my mind it does. And you know what? My mind doesn’t make a lot of sense. If it did, then this wouldn’t be so fun!

I never really cared to add information here about me as a person because I feel like I am joining a dating service. (E.g., I like long walks on the beach, candle light yada yada yada…) Make sense? But, you know what? Information about my personal life makes me more human, right? Students like that, right? Parents like that, right? So who knows, maybe I should tell you that my daughter is 3 and goes to Basha’s day care, or that my wife works at MCC, or that we have a turtle at home that I hate and a lab that I like. Or that I have a Literature and Creative Writing degree from Penn State, a Master’s in English Education from Duquesne University and over 100 credits in Curriculum & Instruction here at ASU. Or maybe I shouldn’t bother you with that at all.