Apple Mob

Date October 23, 2011

I’ve worked with ImprovAZ in the past & had an opportunity to photography a “secret prank” today as 30+ individuals wore a blue t-shirt with what looks like an apple logo and heart mashed together. Originally we wondered if the flash mob would out number the employees/customers in the store but today it was packed! My position was to be relatively clandestine, shoot small, and try to be quiet about it. There were two of us “officially” in charge of media recording for the event. I am use to my Canon 40D but shoved it into my backpack (where my cool blue “apple” shirt was hiding) and used a small point and shot power shot.

20111022- ImprovAZ AppleMob-35

The mob became to trickle in around 1:00pm. The shirt colors matched the employees but the logo was a parody and, since it included the heart, was a way to promote our fandom & tribute to Steve. Participants played with products, took pictures of themselves with Photobooth apps across the store and just enjoyed themselves. People occasionally asked questions about what they were doing and they just played dumb. One woman was asked if she realized many others had the same shirt as she did. She responded, “how will I find my girlfriend in this mess!” Another mobber was asked about the iPhone 4s from a little old lady. He helped her for 10 minutes before a “real” employee came over. I don’t think the employees really knew what to do. I heard security was called but I didn’t see any. A few participants helped customers who asked for help or showed them how to get help from an employee. Eventually we tried to call the participants (who all were using the DUCK ringtone on their iPhones) but it was too loud. They did do a small demonstration and then walked out in a line. We stopped outside, the participants all turned and waved! We then shot this photo. Great times.

1110 ImprovAZ AppleMob-19