Entries from March 2011

Citing ebooks in MLA & APA

Date March 15, 2011

Many of today’s high school students are moving toward reading their books on “e-readers” or mobile devices (like their phones and itouches). There are many advantages (and still some disadvantages). While people are stratified on the notion of mobile devices in high school classrooms, for those of us who permit them to read on them […]

MEC2011 Keynote: Karen Cator Department of Ed on NETP

Date March 14, 2011

Karen Cator Direction, Office of Education Technology US Dept of Ed on Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Tech #mec2011 Cator was introduced by John Huppenthal, Arizona Superintendent of Public Schools. National Education Technology Plan introduced in fall through Drupal, and they said it was a “draft” because this is a working document that is […]

How to embed PDFs in Google Sites

Date March 6, 2011

1. Upload PDF to Google Docs, make PUBLIC and COPY the LINK 2. Go to your Google Site, click wherever you want to embed pdf 3. Click on INSERT [all the way left]–> MORE GADGETS [very bottom of list] 4. In Gadget search box, search for “Google Docs Viewer” 5. Click on the top one […]

Teachers are responsible for the recession

Date March 6, 2011

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iPadin’ it

Date March 4, 2011

ipadinit, originally uploaded by nooccar. I’d never really understood the iPad. I knew I could play games, read some online news sites, handed it over to my kid who would play educational games on it, etc… but suddenly I realized the real purpose. I carry it with all of my research reading on it and […]

Mayor Jay Tibshraeny called me about the Multicultural Festival

Date March 2, 2011

Recently there was a Multicultural Festival in downtown Chandler, AZ; I thought it was pretty cool event so I took my camera and headed out. I enjoyed the citizenship ceremony and the events. I made several photos and then shared them with groups that were involved including the City of Chandler. Recently I noticed a […]