NCTE: Orlando

Date November 19, 2010

So here I am at my 4th NCTE. Been a member since 1999 (think Nashville), but didn’t begin really attending until San Antonio when we really began to try to wrap our brains around 21st Century learning and Student 2.0. Then it was my colleague Ian and me, sharing a room, meeting some awesome people, and listening to Marc Prensky talk about his “digital natives” notion. Now two years later I’ve presented a few times and will again in a couple of hours. Last time I rode to coattails, this time I chaired the panel. We work with some awesome people here.

The Sunset of Your Childhood

cc image posted on Flickr by Trey Ratcliff.

As I began to prep for today I wanted to really get beyond the idea of forcing the shiny tech tool into a shriveled pedagogical paradigm (most of that discussion will take place on my Google site at: The more I read, wrote, and thought about how teachers today need to learn to teach to students today, the more I realized most of us probably don’t even know how to do it – and those are the good ones. By that I mean, those of us who care, aren’t sure how to do it and have been discussing it heavily for two years. Other teachers don’t understand there’s an issue at all. And for me that’s an issue.