Entries from January 2010

Socialnomics and social media in education

Date January 14, 2010

Consider the information in the video above. What is the purpose behind the video? If we define the video in terms of the rhetorical situation, there’s certain analysis that is evident albeit if I then explain to you that it’s an advertisement for a paper book, how does that change your consideration for the above […]

Google Lets Users Store More Files Online

Date January 13, 2010

For years I’ve worried about storage and losing files. I’ve been online continually since 1992 now and have way too many files. Everything anymore to me are zeros and ones, and a few years ago I moved to Google tools for most everything. I am a Google whore, just short of flying to a Google […]

Blogging helps encourage teen writing

Date January 3, 2010

Survey reveals that student bloggers are more prolific and appreciate the value of writing more than their peers After blogging last quarter for the independent reading project, some people wondered why we bother having kids blog. I enjoyed this article from last year. Check it out.