21st Century Digital Claire

Date September 26, 2009

I had some work I needed to get graded today, and since I had my high school students generate multimodal timelines I could not grade them at work. See, the filters in the district block many sites including Youtube.com, and since I don’t have students in the afternoon on Fridays I headed home. Claire is not allowed to watch television during the week so usually by Friday afternoon she’s scrambling for Kai Lan or Dora, but I also have several shows I enjoy, too. Claire uses the wife’s old PC laptop to use her FisherPrice computer tablet where she can draw, color, and save her work, so I realized I could put her DVD on there and face her away from the television so Daddy could watch his “adult shows” (i.e. cable TV like Heroes). This worked out very well, and I was tickled pink when Claire chose to watch School House Rocks. She then drew on the computer for a bit before doing some other things in the other room. Then she returned to put Kai Lan on, which she’s sitting in her bathing suit (swim class is in an hour) here now watching with the laptop in her lap, and her ear phones on. A true child of the 21st century.