Entries from August 2009

Does texting make our kids dumb?

Date August 31, 2009

The fear within our schools as we begin another year is that technology is making our students dumber, but a recent Wired article by Clive Thompson reports findings from Adrea Lunsford out of Stanford University’s Stanford Writing Center has done a massive study that suggests today’s 21st century college student has actually become stronger writers […]

Urban Exploration

Date August 5, 2009

Several months ago I was searching through Flickr looking at random shots and categories when I came across a few photos that really caught my eye. They were shot in old, beat up, dilapidated buildings somewhere. They were shots from photographers who do what they call “Urban Spelunking” or “Urban Exploration”. It seems there’s a […]

Podcast #2: Summer Reading Assignment

Date August 5, 2009

After testing different ways to feed the podcast onto iTunes, I found something that works. You can search for the podcast directly from iTunes (search for my name) or to listen/download Podcast #2 directly, click below. http://dcamd.com/podcasts/APLang_Podcast2_090805.mp3