Entries from July 2009

PJ Haarsma Inspires Imagination in Arizona

Date July 31, 2009

Recently Kids Need to Read blogged an article on the wiki-wire work we did through the high school with the students building the lexicon for The Softwire Series by PJ Haarsma. PJ works closely with Denise & Sherri with Jim Blasingame, but I’m excited from the line that reads “this is what great teaching is […]

Podcast #1 – AP Exam vs. Dual Enrollment

Date July 27, 2009

APLang_Podcast1_July2809 Podcast transcript This is Devon Adams and today is July 24th 2009. Welcome to the first AP Language & Composition podcast. The purpose of these podcasts is to relay information about the AP Language class at Basha High School. My goal is to get these out weekly or biweekly depending on the materials being […]

Scantron fun

Date July 17, 2009

Sync Contacts: Gmail, Blackberry & OSX

Date July 15, 2009

Recently I’ve noticed that my gmail had about 4,000 contacts listed and some of my students or family members were listed 4 or 5 different times (with the same name even). Since I have a Blackberry, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro, and Gmail, Gmail wasn’t necessary my contact list of choice albeit this list was out […]

Mesa Life Options: Twitter & Facebook

Date July 10, 2009

Earlier today I did a workshop through Mesa Life Options where I taught Twitter and Facebook to Baby Boomers. This was a nonprofit, two hour “workshop” with limited technology. I was invited through some colleagues at Mesa Community College to run this workshop and I was eager to address this generation, since I was use […]