Arizona Education Technology Plan

Date May 2, 2009

Session: The New Arizona Education Technology Plan from Cathy Poplin, Deputy Associate Superintendent for Educational Technology, Arizona Department of Education.

We’re reviewing the ADE recommendations, “Transforming Education: Enabling Learning for All Arizona Students, The AZ Long-Range Strategic Educational Technology Plan”, for long term tech use in AZ schools. This can be frustrating with schools who don’t respond to technology needs in schools. As Wayne Gretzy said, we need to skate to where the puck will be, rather than where it was. For me, the puck feels like it’s far up the ice from where many of our schools are now.

According to Tapscott (1998) the difference between today’s students and our generation is that they: want freedom in expression, want to customize and personalize their lives, want to scrutinize everything, look for openness when deciding where to buy and work, want to be entertained in their education, want speed, and want to be the innovators. But in a recent Speak Up study by Project Tomorrow, the three most frustrating comments about technology obstacles from 9-12 students in Arizona are: 1)”School filters or firewalls block websites I need to use.” 2) “Teachers limit our technology use.” 3) “There are rules against using technology at my school.” Schools in Arizona can increase funding while staying in E-rates compliant, but many IT personnel hide behind this funding. This report discusses how to increase technology use and implementation while staying in compliance. Many times that’s just a smoke screen excuse to not have to work harder for the class of 2010 (the year our current kindergartners will graduate from high school).

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