Entries from April 2009

Why I Twitter

Date April 26, 2009

Recently Oprah began twittering and now people roll their eyes. NO ONE knew what Twitter was two years ago when I joined (I can’t believe it’s been that long!), and I truly do not want to explain to every noob why I bother with Twitter and how I am cooler than Oprah. My colleague LizBDavis […]

Google Docs Fail?

Date April 19, 2009

Earlier today I got a cryptic message from a student that Google Docs was down and they couldn’t get to their directions for tomorrow’s project. Now mind you, I assigned this over a month ago so why wait until today to go and begin to do your work? Later I got another message from a […]

Flickr: A photo archive & backup

Date April 10, 2009

I’ve always worried about losing data mostly since my backup drive died when Claire was an infant, and I lost the video footage of my parents meeting her for the first time. I now back up doubly. I have another drive that is stuff that just won’t fit on my hard drive, then another that’s […]