CCCC Presentation: A(Re)mediating Social Technologies

Date March 13, 2009

A(Re)mediating Social Technologies

Laura J. Gurak (Chair), Dawn M. Armfield (“On the Go: Mobile Technologies and Literacy”, Daisy Pignetti, “What are you doing? Teaching with Twitter!”, Kimberly A. Schultz (“Social presence in the online writing classroom: is student customizable content an answer?”)

At the next panel now, and I am pretty excited. Looks like a good group of presenters up front. Armfield is talking about mobile pedagogy. Scott Campbell is writing on using mobiles in the classroom, and research shows this is not an uncommon occurrence. We’re talking about mobiles & iPod touch/iPhones. She’s talking about how a one time fee to buy an iPod touch then wifi is used to connect wherever you are. Olga Cariff said that a well done cell phone with a keyboard may replace laptops in classrooms. Using laptops in classes is less engaging than mobiles because the monitor screen is between student and teacher. How else do we engage the students and make meaning of pedagogy with their phones? An argument is that students may be writing more, but are they writing well. Armfield asserts that they are, and I would agree. Albeit I personally teach AUDIENCE so they know how to write which ways when they write in those ways. When using all attributes that mobiles have, we have a full mulit-modal tool. (Texting, Image, Video, etc…) These lead to great mashup projects just using these small devices. “Digital kids” are creating a new digital literacy by trying out new online identities and really do consider what they’re doing in online spaces. Here the learner is also the teacher & producer. This is really important for the students as owners of their creations.

Pignetti is talking Twitter now. Awesome. Love the stickers on her computer. She’s interested in Twitter in crisis situations (e.g. post Katrina). She uses Twitter for public journaling with her students. At her university, it’s a laptop campus. She said her students are also FB addicts. With Digital Natives, these kids do not any other way of life albeit Pignetti said many of these students are returning students who are not DN. She uses LeFever’s video and the Daily Show to teach Twitter, and, tongue in cheek, she said Twitter is blogging for lazy people. She has some great information and I will have to wait for the electronic version.

Kimberly Schultz is up now, and I swear I know her. She’s talking informal social media to enhance pedagogy. The key is “informal” here. Schultz is talking about “spoken text” and the intersection between speech, writing and technology. Laura Gurak is beginning a discussing with Schultz about iTunes U at their university. They’re talking about universities who are trying to make their own “itunes u” rather than using the real thing, and how they don’t work very well. They’re suggesting that 75% of students today have online presences somewhere.

Overall great presentation!