Entries from March 2009

Why bother?

Date March 19, 2009

So many people bug me and ask “Devon, why do you bother with all of this Web 2.0 stuff & Social Media?” and many times I can’t really tell them why. It’s like explaining why you should drive a Jeep if you don’t drive a Jeep. You just can’t. Well, today was the second event […]

CCCC Presentation: A(Re)mediating Social Technologies

Date March 13, 2009

A(Re)mediating Social Technologies Laura J. Gurak (Chair), Dawn M. Armfield (“On the Go: Mobile Technologies and Literacy”, Daisy Pignetti, “What are you doing? Teaching with Twitter!”, Kimberly A. Schultz (“Social presence in the online writing classroom: is student customizable content an answer?”) At the next panel now, and I am pretty excited. Looks like a […]

CCCC Presentation: Emerging Technologies, Cyborg Futures? Human Rights & Literacy.

Date March 13, 2009

Emerging Technologies, Cyborg Futures? Human Rights, and Literacy Melissa Knous (Chair), Beatrice Quarshie Smith “Identities, Literacies, and Cyber Work”, Liz Canfield, “Cyborg Theories, Meatspace Realities: How Technology Can “Make Waves” in the First-year Writing Seminar”, Bonnie Orzolek Smith (bbsmith@ilstu.edu) is working on identities and literacies and has been in Uganda for 5 years, and she’s […]

Presentation: What is Web 2.0?: Innovate, Assess, Sustain: Writing Pedagogy and Web 2.0″

Date March 12, 2009

Presentation: What is Web 2.0?: Innovate, Assess, Sustain: Writing Pedagogy and Web 2.0″ Presenters: Tony Atkins, Alisa Cooper, Matt Davis, Kate Hagopian, Susan Cochran-Miller, Colleen Reilly, and Shelley Rodrigo. First workshop of the Conference for College Composition and Composition in San Francisco, CA is about applying technology applications and their use and connection within pedagogy. […]

So Mr. Adams, what kinda music do you like?

Date March 1, 2009

In Feb 2009 I wrote a post answer the question in the title above. For some reason, I posted it to my personal blog. Ooops. Here’s the link.