Gmail Themes

Date November 20, 2008

Ok some things Google does are awesome, some are terrible, and some are just fun. I will dump Gmail themes into the last category. You can now skin your gmail. Sounds pretty cool and looks like fun. I picked some fun theme with greys and oranges (nice complementary and modern); I also turned on some more lab features like moving my labels to the right side of my window, but when I have an email open I have this large whole for my right side advertisements that aren’t there. Annoying. I also still have Remember the Milk over there, but I’ve not used that in a year and forget how to turn it off. I like Gmail themes just because they’re fun. Now if you teach Gmail (like me), and you don’t have a basic, play account (like I do) then you’re in for a heap load of trouble when you pop into your gmail to explain some directions. How do you like Gmail Themes? Let me know.