Entries from November 2008

Facebook profiles as literary genre

Date November 22, 2008

In a session about the public profile as a literary genre. The presenter is talking about Facebook, and she mentioned it’s origins. I guess her son went to the Ivy league, so she truly knows where this all began. There are about 75-100 people in here, and I am concerned about the “random” public profiles […]

Students Generating online communities

Date November 22, 2008

Students Generating online communities: How they teach us & how that shapes pedagogy by js Miller. (Check out her LBST 499 @ english.iup.edu/sjmiller) Miller began by having us examine the spaces in which we inhabit. The room we were sitting in was very neutral and drab. Moving into her discussion, she began discussing how she […]

NCTE 2008: Marc Prensky keynote

Date November 22, 2008

The most exciting presenter I saw in the program is Marc Prensky, who has been writing and speaking on “Digital Natives” now for a few years. Some of my colleagues think he’s old hat, and I wondered what his topic would be today. He mentioned his most recent book called Don’t Bother Me Mom, I’m […]

Gmail Themes

Date November 20, 2008

Ok some things Google does are awesome, some are terrible, and some are just fun. I will dump Gmail themes into the last category. You can now skin your gmail. Sounds pretty cool and looks like fun. I picked some fun theme with greys and oranges (nice complementary and modern); I also turned on some […]

MIA online students: why bother?

Date November 14, 2008

Online teaching is funky. The students complain sometimes that it’s harder than face to face because they have to make time for it, and I always tell them that if they’d take a Tuesday night class then make Tuesday night the time for working on my online class. Of course, I don’t take my own […]

Video Chat comes to Gmail: Skype, Watch out!

Date November 13, 2008

Gmail Video Chat, originally uploaded by nooccar. Yesterday I received a message that Gmail now had video and audio chat. I immediately told everyone about it, and I was completely excited. The videos all say to just open a chat through Gmail and click on Video & More, but you know what? You gotta install […]

NHS goes Social (Media that is!)

Date November 9, 2008

There was only one session at this conference that seemed to have anything to do with technology. It was positioned as the last session after 9PM on the last evening of the conference, and I was late. Walking in quietly, I glanced up at the presenter’s slide. She had a FaceBook page for her NHS […]

NHS Advisory Session: John Jell & what teachers mean

Date November 8, 2008

After they keynote, the adviser session was run by the Keynote, John Jell. Do you remember your best teacher ever? Most of us raised our hands. He asked us why, and my answer is “They made me want to be them.” It’s true. I can tell you who they are. I’ve had one for each […]

John Jell: NHS Saturday Keynote

Date November 8, 2008

Sitting at the National Honor Society day two keynote. Here’s a man, John Jell, who came up the ranks from college work through Coca Cola and then to the Nestle Corporation. He said when he graduated from college he was in the bottom 11% of his class. He worked hard to balance formal and informal […]


Date November 4, 2008