Gaga for Google in the 21st Century AP Language classroom

Date August 30, 2008

Several months ago now a CFP came through on the use of innovative technology in the classroom. I immediately thought of the work I’ve been doing with Google in my classroom and wrote up a proposal, which was accepted. In June 2008 I sent the first draft to the editors and received their comments back on the fourth of July. I appreciated this process and worked hard on the second draft and had three colleagues read through it. Shelley, Joe and Shirley had invaluable comments and suggestions, and when I sent off the second draft it was with their blessings. This week, the editor, sent me a final draft for my review. I just finished sending it back to her and now we just wait for publication. I will keep you posted, but in the meantime, here’s the abstract:

The migration of online educational needs to tools like Google Apps coupled with the notion that today’s 21st century students are digital natives who have lived their entire lives online, forces educators to find ways to use technology to enhance traditional curriculum. This article examines how one program (AP Language & Composition) incorporates Web 2.0 tools including several Google Applications (gmail, docs, notebook, personalized homepage, pages, calendar, blogger, and talk) into its secondary high school curriculum. Furthermore, this work addresses the gap between students and teachers that occur cross-generationally through a discussion of the successful technology best practices in teaching and learning from a Baby Boomer teacher, a Gen Xer teacher, and then the NetGen students we teach daily.