Finally got room!

Date August 26, 2008

Earlier this summer our 9 year old television blew up. We got a 42″ HD LCD 1080P television and naturally we wanted to follow this up with an HD DVR box. We’d gotten a ton of stuff from Cox about recording hundreds of hours of Olympics, so we headed over there. Everything installed just fine, but after one evening of taping our box was full! This was terrible.

Donna had my calling Cox at 1AM one evening, and they said with high def the video storage is ONLY 16-20 hours! Donna was really upset and I was getting the brunt of it. When installing the box I knew it had USB ports, firewire ports, and eSata ports. If I could just figure out how to connect the Cox HD DVR box to an external hard drive then I would be in the money. The guy at Cox told me this was possible and it made it sound easy, so Claire and I headed over to Best Buy. We found a good hard drive and took it home. Donna was ok with the decision and waited for me to connect it. Well, nothing happened. Nothing at all. I left it connected over night, and I still was over 80% on the box.

The next day I did some research and the Scientific Atlantic manual and website said that this should work just fine. I called Cox back and complained. They said they had no idea what I was talking about it, and this should not work. I was frustrated and went back on the Best Buy site. I found another hard drive that said something like “DVR Expander” on the box. I figured I’d grab it, and if it doesn’t work then I was out of luck. Te “DVR Expander” was not much more. I got it home, crossed my fingers, connected it, and I got the following notification on the screen! I quickly agreed, checked the storage capacity, and it had dropped from 80%+ to about 28%!!!!

2008_Aug_CyberSalonAZ_04, originally uploaded by nooccar.