One day left

Date July 27, 2008

Monday students return to school. This week we spent working in our rooms, meeting people, having meetings, and planning. Mrs Deakin and I spent time developing our course; she has a strong background in writing, so I’m glad we found ways to infuse that into the AP curriculum. It doesn’t seem like we have too many new people, but there are some. Collums and Warnke are gone. Scarbrough is new, and we love her. Evan and Johnson are cool, too. Then we realized Luke Hickey is gone, and that was terrible. We loved working with Luke.

Friday the kids came to help. Mostly the department chairs and level leads got the help they needed. We moved books all day, and I had a few people work closely with me to get several things accomplished. I also have two students repeating AP Lang this year for their own reasons. Quite an interesting situation, indeed.

Ok, I think I will have more to say once they arrive. For now, I think I am numb. Not really excited about Monday, but I am ok going. Our new administrator, Ken James, has already shown phenomenal leadership, support, and a humaness that makes me want to work my best for him.