Back to school

Date July 22, 2008

Today is the teachers official first day back to school. Last night I couldn’t sleep, and I tossed and turned most of the night. I was just relieved when I rolled back over and it was after 5AM. Perfect! I could live with that.

Yesterday I went in for half a day. Since day care was open, I figured I would take advantage of that. I knew we had meetings all day today, and I wanted an idea of what I needed to accomplish in my room. Every year the custodial service removes everything from the rooms (sometimes they leave the really heavy stuff), and this year was no different. A few kids offered to come in and put my room back. When they walked in I said, “Remember how my room looked in May? Do that to it!” Before the three of us left yesterday it mostly looked the way it should.

Deakin, the new AP teacher, and I share a foyer. I popped into her room looking for her, and it was odd for me. I am so use to Dr. Foerst being in that room, that when this new “stuff” was there I couldn’t get over it. Although when a student of mine walked into the room and asked what Deakin was like, I looked around the room and said “Anyone who sticks Dylan posters next to the Lennon photos, below the Picasso quotes, and near the Marley and Warhol quotes over by the Breakfast Club posters cannot be all that bad!!!”