Claremont U FLC Institute – Day One

Date June 19, 2008

About a month ago I got an email asking me if I was interested in heading to Claremont University outside of Ontario, CA for a conference on facilitating learning communities in higher education. I didn’t know where that university was, but the email said it was all expenses paid. I liked that. It also fell over my mother-in-laws month visit to Arizona (and I do love my mother-in-law) but it was a hell of an opportunity. To go to So Cal in the middle of OH-MY-GOD-IT’S-HOTTER-THAN-HELL-IN-ARIZONA!!!! season sounded ideal. So I wrote back quickly. I wasn’t too sure what I was in for, but it was a free trip.

A few weeks before that I was asked by Shelley if I would co-facilitate our faculty and professional learning community at Mesa Community College. I hesitated because I knew the wife would rather me do less than more while she’s in grad school, but I am a sucker for buttering up the MCC administrators. I agreed shortly, and now I am sitting here in Claremont, CA outside, on the patio, on wireless, with a full moon above head in 75 degree cool weather in my short with not heat or sweat. How nice.

Tomorrow I will learn how to better facilitate my professional learning community, I think. I am eager to continue to find ways to better develop curriculum based around a strong use of technology. A way to meet the students where they are (online, on their computers, on Facebook, using their Blackberries) and how to marry that platform to my pedagogy. Here we go!