Entries from June 2008

AP Institute Bellevue, WA

Date June 25, 2008

This week I am at the AP Institute in Bellevue, WA. Last year I came to this same institute alone, because I’d heard it’s the best around. I agree. Last year it rocked, and my presenter was the Chief Reader for AP Language. The beginning of the week began a bit quieter until my friends […]

Google: Pages Vs. Sites

Date June 21, 2008

In late spring a couple of up and coming students were working on a project where they needed to post something online. I just required these students to create GMAIL accounts, so I suggested Google Pages. Google Pages is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) web page editor. This is free and […]

My favorite song

Date June 20, 2008

Ok, I just installed Anarchy plug-in for WordPress 2.51. This is really a test post to show how you can use this to embed audio. While I have uploaded my favorite song, I will use this more for podcasting. Now let me ask you this. Am I breaking copyright? The song is Allison by the […]

Summer Reading Assignment Directions

Date June 19, 2008

Students 2.0

Date June 19, 2008

I got this tweet on my phone today about a site called Student 2.0. Since my own site is called Teacher 2.0, I was intrigued. Got back to the hotel and decided to check it out. Looks like a group of students from all over the world (Hawaii, Korea, NYC, New England, Washington State, etc…) […]

Claremont U FLC Institute – Day One

Date June 19, 2008

About a month ago I got an email asking me if I was interested in heading to Claremont University outside of Ontario, CA for a conference on facilitating learning communities in higher education. I didn’t know where that university was, but the email said it was all expenses paid. I liked that. It also fell […]

FireFox 3 Released! Emailed URL Late!

Date June 18, 2008

Firefox 3 was released today. I knew that this was coming, but I wasn’t really sure when. I googled it yesterday and found www.spreadfirefox.com. I was pretty excited and “pledged” to download FireFox 3 today (the release date). Well, I was in front of the computer by about 8:30AM thinking you could download beginning at […]

Preparing students for the 21st century

Date June 16, 2008

Liz B. Davis outlined the following ways to prepare our school students for the 21st century here. Follow this link.