Senior Prank

Date May 24, 2008

Today was the last day with seniors, and the rest of finish in the middle of next week. I came into my room the other day, and Joe was just sitting there. He gave me this look and I asked what was up. Turns out that he’d never gotten to that point before. Never gotten to the point where he was finishing with a group of students for the entire semester. (Wait until it’s a whole year, Joe!) So today, there were these loud chants and cheers outside the faculty lounge. At first I ignored them, but it got louder. We went out and the seniors had filled the hallway and were tossing around all of their school work that they had shredded and torn up.

Basha HS Sr Prank

The admin and other teachers were right there, but seriously, when there’re 300 kids standing around celebrating you wait a few minutes til it dies down and you send them all along. Afterward we took some photos while the maintenance men found brooms and garbage bags. As we began to clean, the thing that bugged me the most was that the seniors all took off and didn’t help clean up their mess. Two of them did; that’s it. One of my bosses said they could handle paper better than destruction of some sort.

After an hour we got it all cleaned up, only to have some other students yank it all out again and terrorize the quad. The problem here through was all of the water bottles they began throwing, too. A silly senior prank turned into a juvenile junior hooha.