Entries from April 2008

Help! Jailbreak me from the Brig of the Stinky Alltel Pirates

Date April 26, 2008

Alan Levine has been having terrible customer service with AllTell. Here’s a link to his original post, and he really hopes you forward this to everyone you know. This is not a joke. Let’s prove the power of the Internet, by forwarding the link to everyone.

Lost Boys 2 & War Games 2

Date April 26, 2008

I’m sitting here in the lobby of Day’s Inn since the wireless on the fourth floor is horrendously slow. Across from me Goonies is playing on the TV, and I am rather stoked reliving my earlier years. This movie is a classic like John Hughes’s films. It reminds me of when HBO was new, and […]

Going to travel

Date April 22, 2008

In 1999 my wife and I began traveling with students. Our first trip was to England, Ireland, and Wales the summer we were married, and we’ve been doing it since. The longest trip was to London, Paris and Rome, and the coolest trip was to Central European Citites, and now that we have Claire we […]

Here come the Googlers!

Date April 21, 2008

We’ve begun going to talk to the current Sophomore Honors students about AP English & American Studies. Mostly the course curriculum they disregard until we get going because there’s just too much, and typically they can’t wrap their minds are AP vs American Studies vs AP Exams vs Dual Enrollment. I get a lot of […]

ASUS EeePC 900 Release Date

Date April 20, 2008

asus900, originally uploaded by nooccar. On May 12th the ASUS EeePC 900 hits the US Market. Now some people won’t give a damn, but there’s definitely a niche market who will. My friend Coop has one of these (an older model) and really loves it. It’s a bare bones midget machine that flies on Linux. […]

Web 2.0 defined

Date April 19, 2008

Alan Levine recently had a post on his blog that clearly defined Web 2.0 for us all. ‘No one has “forgotten” or “left out” anything. You just haven’t added it yet.’

NHS Induction Speech

Date April 15, 2008

Last year during the National Honor Society induction, I was to give the welcome and didn’t know what to say. My wife had bought me this fun tie with these turtles on it. I formulated this speech in my head as I drove there about turtles and our children being like turtles. It became an […]

Lizbdavis: The greatest hits

Date April 12, 2008

Lizbdavis has made a post of her greatest hits screen casts! I am totally stoked. I found Liz online a couple months ago now when searching for a del.icio.us tutorial because I was too lazy to make my own. hahahaha. She’s like me, but female and on the other side of the country. Anyway, check […]

American Studies update

Date April 10, 2008

This Friday we’re headed to Hamilton High School to observe their American Studies course before a meeting with their instructors. At last week’s meeting the admin laid down the expectations of how we, the AP Language and the AP US History teachers, will work together on everything. We will develop rubrics together and keep one […]

NHS students don’t care?

Date April 4, 2008

Ok, this is probably more of a complaint that anything today. And perhaps one person will read it and care. As NHS advisor it’s my responsibility to confirm good standing for graduation, and today we began the process of telling people that they’re not in good standing. They had to have 30 hours completed by […]